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New Industry Group Golden Cross Indexes and Silver Cross Indexes

We have begun collecting Silver Cross Index and Golden Cross Index data for four new industry groups, and back-calculated data for two years: Biotechnology (IBB), Regional Banking (KRE), Retail (XRT), and Semiconductors (SMH). Let's take a look at the charts.

Since mid-January, we have seen the relative strength line falling. However, notice what was going on 'under the hood'. Participation was increasing and the Silver Cross Index was rising. Relative strength was misleading. During this same period, IBB has been in a rising price trend.

Regional Banks (KRE) has seen participation shooting skyward. The relative strength line is in agreement with participation which suggests overall strength. Notice the Silver Cross Index moving vertically higher. This is an industry group to pay attention to.

The Silver Cross Index and Golden Cross Index are rising nicely on XRT. Participation is robust. Notice that when the Silver Cross Index turned up, the relative strength had not begun to rise much. Participation began to improve even before the Silver Cross Index would have gotten us into the rally sooner.

The SMH chart is bit disjointed mainly because there are fewer members in this industry group ETF. We know this group has shown amazing leadership and looking at the participation numbers it's still going strong. Notice we just got a LT Trend Model "Golden Cross" BUY signal on SMH as the 50-day EMA crossed above the 200-day EMA. This is one reason we see the vertical rise in the Golden Cross Index. If the group itself is getting a Golden Cross, the stocks within are likely seeing the same thing. Currently all of them have price above their 20/50-day EMAs and that has pushed the Silver Cross Index to 100% as well. What this tells us is that we should see a rally continuation. As soon as the participation numbers begin to crack, we will be warned.

Conclusion: Adding participation to charts gives you advance notice of internal strength. We now have Golden Cross Indexes and Silver Cross Indexes for all of the major indexes, all sectors and now, and six industry groups (Gold Miners (GDX), Transportation (IYT) and now Regional Banks (KRE), Semiconductors (SMH), Retail (XRT) and Biotechs (IBB)). These annotated charts are only available for daily review by subscribers.

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Technical Analysis is a windsock, not a crystal ball. --Carl Swenlin

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