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Innovative Blockchain Technology

Innovative Blockchain Technology

Firstly, for or a very long time, blockchain developers have struggled with the optimization issue. Numerous architectures have been tested to connect all users to a single circuit or a networked collection of closely related circuits. This strategy proved to be constrained and challenging when the system was scaled to a high number of users.

The use of sharding and Level 2 solutions has helped the answer to this issue advance. The idea that one blockchain does not have to perform everything on its own was born from the idea of breaking the blockchain up into independent components. We shall talk about modular blockchains in this article in addition to the general information. What’s more interesting is that it’s critical to keep in mind the three key characteristics of each blockchain to grasp the distinctiveness of the new technology:

Consensus Execution Data accessibility

All operations on a traditional, monolithic blockchain are simultaneous. In these networks, the same platform handles the four fundamental tasks of processing transactions, computing them, organizing their order, and making their data accessible. Furthermore, their ability to multitask in this way is constrained.

Blockchain is  modular if it focuses on just a few specific tasks. They use the modular design approach, which is the idea of breaking anything up into smaller pieces. As with LEGO bricks, the components can then be individually constructed and integrated with one another.

A modular blockchain’s functions can be divided into several levels to produce a more effective, scalable, and secure system. Moreover Celestia was the first endeavor in this sector. The developers decided to prioritize agreement and data accessibility. Rollups included into Celestia carry out transactions. Rollups let you conduct transactions on this system. The data is transferred to the Ethereum network only after that.

Modular Blockchains’ Advantages

Scaling is made possible by partitioning into multiple tiers, which preserves security and decentralization. Since modular blockchains are not necessary to carry out every function, new ones can simply “outsource” their services to already existing modular blockchains. This makes it possible for them to be launched quickly, cutting down on deployment time and expenses.

Similar to L1, new modular one might have sovereignty. This will enable you to respond to hacks and carry out upgrades without needing other levels’ consent. There are now only two major projects working on modular blockchain development.

The development of this technology is rather rapid. In the market, new offerings and varieties emerge. Modular blockchain is one of these developments. It is a cutting-edge technology that modifies how people make them. Projects can operate more effectively with the help of this novel idea. Finally, the technology fixes the scalability issue, and gives developers many new possibilities.

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